Social Media Marketing- using custom designed giveaways, contests, and gamification Content Marketing- matching brands to consumer trusted productions

Social Media Content Marketing

Social Media is today’s most important communication media.

How do you:
reach that audience?
target that audience?
engage that audience?
put that audience to work for you?

Social media ad managers offer a lot of tools and analytics. There are also many third party apps and programs offering creative ways to use social media. Contests, games, surveys, mimes, and boosts make social media far more than a simple post.  This is where content marketing can be laser targeted making efficient use of your media ad budget.

Social media questions


Brand Marketers

Content marketing is the best way to reach consumers, and today your communication is delivered through multiple media simultaneously. Delivering more impressions, more complete reach, and with results that can be measured.

We team you with productions that match your brand. Placing your Brand in a producer production can be done organically to make it look like it belongs there or as an authoritative review, or both.



Many Brands are looking for opportunities to have their products or Brand image organically featured in television shows, films and video content for digital. Documentary style content is a top choice, as this type of production is seen as authentic and believable. It is a financial opportunity for the producer. However as a producer, finding these brands is not simple and it is extremely time consuming. We will do it for you, freeing you up to put your best efforts into producing great content. Do you have a current production or one in pre-production?

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