Current Project Opportunities for Brands

Girls Build the Future

This Brand opportunity is a planned 24 episode documentary series where each episode spotlights young girls who are pursuing their science and technology dreams.

There is a shortage of qualified STEM workers, and this shortage is even greater for women. With companies looking for women to diversify their talent pool this is an important subject.

To boost your Brand’s current STEM sponsorship, the episodes can be shot with this focus. They may also be shot with the concentration on an intern or co-op student. Further Brand opportunities include web pages, additional social media posting and the use of videos for career recruitment. We are also willing to discuss additional opportunities.

Target audience-13 to 19 year old girls

Media distribution- Social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat

School distribution:
Canada   https://www.mcintyre.ca/
USA    https://www.infobase.com/

Est. combined video reach – 2 Million per episode

Est. combined video views- 5.4 Million per episode

Inventing Glamor: The Dottie Ponedel Story

This Brand opportunity is a  theatrical feature length Documentary on the amazing story of Dottie Ponedel, a makeup artist pioneer, a pioneer of female equality and a young girl in Hollywood who created her own “American Dream.” This film will reveal the art of creating glamour, the tools of a makeup artist, as well as the true lives of Hollywood icons of the time.

This Brand opportunity is especially a good match for  the make-up, fashion and glamour industry companies.

These opportunities include: Direct natural organic brand placement in the documentary itself.

The producer is willing to create separate short segments for social media that are brand focused utilizing elements from the film. Utilizing these segments in social media via paid boosts and organic reach will both promote the film that the Brand is in, and promote the Brands products, targeted to your audience.

Premiere night screening inviting the media, and special interest groups in key cities to generate a huge earned media opportunity.

Other benefits to be discussed and customized.

This is world-wide distribution property that will be seen in theaters, TV, streaming and social media.

Est. reach and views will be in the Millions.

Social Media Marketing Competition

This is a Brand opportunity to directly reach consumers interested in their product.

We bring together multiple brands to create giveaway promotions in Social Media.  Combining multiple complementary, non competing partners creates a much bigger and diverse Gift Package offerings than what a single Brand could offer. The giveaways are designed to place products in front of consumers that have expressed an interest in specific product categories.

To get people to register and promote a brand requires large enough incentives to justify their time investment to do the work. The promotion is designed to reward people by awarding points for various types of social media engagement. The incentives for point collection are discounts with the top point getters receiving the highest value Gift Packages.

Ergo Associates is a 3rd party running the promotion which protects all the brands from consumer nepotism.

Some Past Projects

Some of the Brands we have worked with

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