A small dedicated team who are agile and who react quickly to adjustments and challenges as they come up. We also have a database of contacts with specialized expertise available to call upon when additional team members are required.

Peter Marmon

After working in the entertainment industry with over 20 years of experience in successfully filling multiple roles of Marketing, Sales and Production, Peter identified a need to match producers with brands for the mutual benefit of both.

He has led sales and marketing in the entertainment industry for Disney, 20th Century Fox and other independent producers. In the Television market, Peter brings experience as a producer and in business development from the TV shows Dream Car Garage, Legendary Motorcar and Driving Television. Prior to working in the entertainment industry he built and managed the Canadian division of a direct marketing company. As a direct marketer he developed valuable analytical, targeted and database marketing skills, required for today’s digital marketing. Peter in his spare time can be seen cycling around the Niagara region and speed skating both on ice and rollerblades.


Diane Wharton

Diane is a unique combination of creativity and process management. She is certified Lean Six Sigma Champion who is adept at defining  business and customer requirements in order to spearhead initiatives that improve organizational effectiveness. Much of her career has been managing process improvement and project management teams at major telco companies such as Rogers and Bell.

However it is her  passion for photography and creative writing that are the strengths we are glad to have on our team. She is a copywriter  for webs sites and social media postings. Her photography skills capture the moments for shots that get noticed when posted to web sites, and they create engagement in social media. In her spare time she is always investigating new crafts to expand her creativity.

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